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Morning chortle.... [Oct. 18th, 2010|08:17 am]
Previous Entry Share Next Entry heard oi Today. The prospect of Watyne Rooney crossing to the blue half of Manchester is just too delicious. I'm sure Sheikh Mansour thinks so too.

[User Picture]From: ianmcdonald
2010-10-20 10:50 am (UTC)


Harry's Redknapp's comment in today's Indie that wants two world-class signings to make Spurs proper contenders looks like him throwing his hat into the ring.
[User Picture]From: swisstone
2010-10-20 03:50 pm (UTC)


I see Mancini is distancing himself from the speculation, as, in a way that says "Yes, I'm really interested" is Mourinho. If Utd really do stick a £50m price tag on him, then there's only really City in the Premiership with deep enough pockets. But at the moment I don't think Rooney's worth that - he gives every impression of being past his best at 24. Given the right environment, I think he could come back - but I'm not sure Eastlands or the Benarbeu are the right environment. So I think he'll go cheaper (which is bad new for Everton and their hopes for a sell-on bonanza), which puts a good few more teams in the frame.
[User Picture]From: ianmcdonald
2010-10-24 08:08 pm (UTC)


so, Rooney stays on the red side (though rumours abide of a £87meg offer from Sheikh M). And a serious kicking from a rampant Arsenal... (thought half the fun of being a City supporter is the Stoical resignation to shit happening at the crucial moments)