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last minute shamless self promotion... [Mar. 23rd, 2011|04:59 pm]
... since Hugo Nominations close tomorrow (March 26), my novel The Dervish House (Pyr/Gollancz) is eligible in the Novel category. Said it before, I'm saying it again. Thanks.

[User Picture]From: Anne Daughtry
2012-01-10 12:25 am (UTC)
I am nearly done with The Dervish House, and would love to know Ian, how you managed to so fabulously capture the Turkish culture, spell the names correctly, and take me to an Istanbul that I know well, but haven't been there for many years. I lived in Turkey for 9 years in the 1970's, and except for the Bridges and Nano, very little has changed by the time of Dervish House, 2024.

How'd you do it? Turkish Ghost writer? I am sending you my selaams for a wonderful work both in Sci Fi that is believable, and depicting my home of my heart. I live in Oregon now, and there is very little Adana Kebap here.
Tesekkur edirim.
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