April 13th, 2006


Your attention II

more musings on the whole attention culture thing... this article from the Grauniad on Wikipedia editing/posting I think shows an interesting slant on it: wiki-ing shite just to get attention, even if it's a sysadmin's in removing said shite. Attention is attention, after all. Spam, as autopope so rightly says, is the same thing, it demands more time and attention to identify and delete than it does to generate and disseminate.

Picking up on a couple of thoughts in comments on convenience in research and other things, I suspect that in a time-poor social economy, as in a money-economy, there's a 'rich-get-richer' attractor at work: those who get the attention, get more attention. If your time is limited, you may not be able to afford to shop around to get it right, (with the concommitant risk of getting it wrong) so the best strategy is to go to the local attractor of attention. Explains much about Dan Brown and Harry Potter.
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