ianmcdonald (ianmcdonald) wrote,

I drew a map of Canada (2)

Seems we may be back in Canada again this year, as my novella The Tear from Gardner Dozois's Galactic Empires is a Hugo Nominee. Which is damned wonderful. Lots of other great people and mates on the shortlist. You'll be able to read my story in Gardner's YBSF26 and also Rich Horton's 2009 Year's Best Science Fiction (sorry, can't find a link.) --the original SFBC anthology is kind of hard to track down. And I'm making enquiries about some kind of Anticipation members-only pdf version --I'll let you know.

And I'm going to be at the Nebula Weekend in Los Angeles in April, just in case --yes, I know I haven;t booked yet. Hell, I only just got the flights.

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