ianmcdonald (ianmcdonald) wrote,

Tear Here

My Hugo nominated novella 'The Tear', from SFBC's 'Gacactic Empires', edited by Gardner Dozois nominated for a Hugo at Anticipation, Montreal 2009, is initially available via this site. I hope in time for it be fully available through the Anticipation site. In the meantime, here are the rules. It's only available as a pdf emailed from me. To obtain, send me an email: ianmcdonald(at)cyberabad(dot)co)dot(uk). Make your subject line this 'Tear Here', in the body of the email include your name and your membership number for Worldcon. I need both, and I shall check. I hope this will only be a temporary measure until it's more easily downloadable through a proper website, but it'll do in the meantime.
Tags: hugos, ian mcdonald, the tear

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