ianmcdonald (ianmcdonald) wrote,

Robert Holdstock

I came to this late,only picking up the story last night but it is terrible news to hear that Rob Holdstock has died. I can only re-iterate others comments about what a gracious and kind man he was, and a damn fine writer. A few years ago jjarrold hosted a couple of fine lunches in London for gentlemen of a certain age; Guests were Rob, Iain R Macleod, John Courtney Grimwood and me. Apart from the fact that every single one ended up costing me a hundred pounds more than I'd intended, I remember the quality of the conversation and the company. Last saw him at the Gollancz bash and he was in good form and always happy to chat. Mythago Wood still seems to burst out of a morass of cod-medievalism as a blazing original fantasy. I remember a great conversation at an eastercon about Sibelius vs Vaughan-Williams as composers of landscape; about which he was a fabulous writer. Got me into Vaughan-Williams, and made me look at the land in a different and deeper way. Sad loss.

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